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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 18, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> they are not very expensive. this was 3:30. you can put fruit kabobs in it. if you ammortize it over the year, you can do that. >> cat kensman, thanks for skoping by. >> my pleasure. >> thank you for spending your time with us. cnn saturday continues right now. good morning. the gloves are off. those are the words of republican senator lisa markkowski who lost her primary race. she has a new plan. she wants the voters to write her name in. also, today is the day the well could be dead, completely,
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sealed off, never to be heard from again. we will give you the latest details on this latest method they are using to finally kill this thing, once and for all. from the cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning, 10:00 a.m. here in atlanta, georgia. 9:00 a.m. in fayetteville arkansas. good morning. i'm t.j. holms. thank you for being here. pope benedict is in london. he has a lot going on today, including taking care of the faithful. some 80,000, that's a live picture you are seeing, they are expecting some 80,000 to show up to hyde park trying to make their way to see the pope. he will be having a prayer vigil. he is not expected for another couple of hours. they are already making their way there. we will take you to london. a texas high school star quarterback and a straight "a" student has died. reggie garrett is his name. he was running to the sidelines and collapsed after throwing his
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second touchdown pass last night. this happened in a small town in texas, one of those places where everybody knows everybody and everybody knew reggie. we'll tell you more about this young man. also, we are going to hear possibly from sarah shourd. her two hiking companions still remain in custody in iran. let's turn to the big political we saw last night. lisa murkowski is hoping to pull off what some are calling a real long shot. she is trying to win re-election by winning on a write-in. the incumbent senator announcing her renewed bid. her renewed, because she already lost to a tea party backed political newcomer. she would be only the second u.s. senator ever to win with a
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write-in campaign. last night in anchorage, she explained herself. >> i will be the first one to admit to you that in the primary campaign, we made some mistakes. we talked about ourselves. we talked about me a lot but we didn't educate alaskans about the extremist views that were held by mr. miller and when he swung, i didn't swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off. i'm fighting for alaska. >> you saw her campaign signs, they said, let's make history. she is talking about making history, because this hasn't been done a whole lot, in fact, only one other tom. strom thurmond won a u.s. senate seat by a write-in 56 years ago. our cnn political producer, shannon travis, is with me. you have been to alaska and you were covering this race in particular up there.
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for a lot of people who might not know murkowski, is this her m.o.? or is she just ramping it up now? >> she has to ramp it up for her supporters. this isn't her typical disposition. resa murkowski is a pretty aminable woman. she is polite and a lot of people know her for that. she feels like and a lot of her supporters feel she didn't fight enough. there are some people that say she underestimated jill miller during the primary and the tea party movement that supported and endorsed him and went to alaska and campaigned for him. now, according to her, you just heard her say, i'm ready to fight. she acknowledged, maybe i didn't fight enough in the primary. i am ready to fight now. >> murkowski, a lot of people around the country might not know that name. they know it real well in alaska. is that enough that this write-in campaign could work? >> it could be. her father was a governor and
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senator. the murkowski name is very well-known across alaska. joe miller is a lot more of an unknown commodity. people know him because of the whole fever around the race. we have murkowski naming names as she talked about this renewed fight. >> you all know that i went back to washington a couple days ago. the land of negative nabobism. these outside interest groups, like the tea party express, the pundits, a lot of naysayers, some of my fellow republicans, they tell me this can't be done, that this is a futile effort. well, perhaps it is one time that they met woman republican woman who won't quit on alaska. >> oh, gee, who is she talking
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about? >> who is she talking about there? i don't know exactly who she is talking about but i can tell you this that when this governor sarah palin quit or resigned from the governorship in 2009, lisa murkowski came out and publicly said that palin abandoned the state. they said, this is one republican woman who won't quit on alaska. you draw your own inference from that. >> it is getting nasty up there. how are other folks reaekting to this right now? the democrats are happy to see this going on. how are folks in alaska reacting to this given that, you know what, you lost? >> depends on which side you are on. if you are a murkowski supporter, you are like, great, this is great that you are back in the fight. we wanted you to stay in. if you are a miller supporter, you are obviously upset about it. if you are one of the conservative activists that work to defeat her, your very angry about it. >> what about the impartial observer? >> maybe that independent she
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needs right now. they are likely saying, hey, you had your chance. you ran in the primary. you ran a good race but you lost and you conceded. so sit out this time and maybe even take on the democrat, the other democratic senator, senator begage. the impartial observer might be saying that. alaska has a lot of independents. it is no way to tell. i was chasing down the senator the other day trying to talk to her about again this claim from the tea party movement that she is a write-on and they runted her down. some of that might have fueled her decision to get back in, that they were claiming victory against her and she came back and said, not so fast. >> she snow is clearly going aft tea party in some of that language calling them an extremeist group. >> i talked with amy cramer, the chairman of the tea party express. i said, she is calling you an extreme fif extremeist group. she said, hey, it is not about us, the alaskaian voters voted
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against her and they are not extremists. this notion of them being an extremeist group is not new. they certainly use extreme tactics whether they are an extremeist group or not. they come in for money, time, resources. it's almost like commando style. they use extreme tactics. is it fair to call them an extremist group, she thinks no. >> people are taking notice of what they have been able to do. good to have you. always a pleasure to know that you are going to be back out there on the campaign trail. look forward to that. still talking about politics today. the political value voters summits. it highlights gop promise and peril headed into the november mid-term election. conservative talk show host, bill bennett was up first thing this morning followed by newt
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gingrich and virginia governor, bob mcdonald will be speaking here shortly. the delaware political upstart, christine o'donnell was given a hero's welcome. she slammed the obama administration and said the elite's will never have the last word on liberty. she was featured as the who's who in rising politicians. the well at the heart of the largest oil spill in u.s. history should be dead, completely, today. bp stopped oil from gushing from that gulf of mexico oil well back on july 15th. they put a cap on it and got all the stuff to work. they were able to keep the oil from going out. still, they weren't done. cement going to be pumped into the bottom of the well.
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it will be permanently sealed. oil gushed from that well after the deepwater horizon rig exploded on april the 20th, 11 workers were killed. i am going to turn back to the u.k. you see the people there gathered to hyde park in london, one of the royal parks in town. they are going there because the pope will be holding a prayer vigil. not expected to start for another couple of hours. i do believe i have that right. they are expecting, according to our phil black, on the ground and reporting for us, expecting some 80,000 people to show up and see the pope on the third day of a four-day trip in the u.k. you saw him holding mass earlier. he did address the child abuse
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scandal that has rocked the catholic church for several years now. i want to quote the pope saying, above all, i expressed my deep sorrow for the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes along with my hope that the power of christ's grace and his sacrifice of reconciliation will bring deep healing and peace to their lives. those are the pictures. again, people are gathering to see him now. of course, there are going to be protests. some people think he is not doing enough when it comes to the child abuse scandals. but, again, third day of a four-day trip, they are starting to make their way through hyde park. we will continue to keep an eye on that. we are also keeping an eye on hurricane igor. our reynolds wolf is in bermuda for us. live, right after the break. 11 minutes past the hour.
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about quarter past the hour here now. we are tracking this hurricane, hurricane egor in the atlantic. also worth keeping an eye on this tropical depression carl. what you are seeing there now is eg igor making its way to bermuda. they get this. they know how to handle this. our reynolds wolf, who was there, was explaining to me earlier, you made a great point. no matter how many times you see a hurricane coming your way, nothing ever routine about these things. >> reporter: absolutely, t.j. i just missed a little bit of what you were saying.
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sometimes when you are speaking through satellites that happens. if you are alluding to the past and what happened here in bermuda, it is a checkered history when it comes to deal with all kinds of storms. we have had people living on these islands since 1609. they have had many storms. the most devastating was in 2003. we had fabian that lashed this area, this south shore of bermuda itself. it came in, brought all kinds of devastating winds for some parts of the islanding for three weeks and killed four people and did billions of dollars worth of damage. this storm is still a ways off. i will tell you, already, we are seeing it flex its muscles. we walked down to the beach moments ago. this is what we saw. another look at the deteriorating conditions on elbow beach in bermuda. steve, watch your feet. our photojournalist, we are trying to give you a better perspective. the waves continue to come in, some are mammoth in size off in the distance. some of them, 5 to 7 feet as the
10:17 am
winds continue to pick up. these are going to get bigger. high tide comes in early this evening and around dawn tomorrow. that coupled with the storm surge could be very interesting. you see some of the waves pounding up against these rocks in the distance. many of you see the power of these things. some of the waves have been coming right up against the structure here, against this part of the building. if you look at the building, itself, many have hurricane shutters up getting ready for what is at this time the strongest storm in the planet. >> strongest storm right now is a category 2. as you know, these storms are very, very fickle. in terms of intensity, it is expected to fluctuate. it may weaken a bit, intensify to a category 3. a lot of unknowns. when it comes to tropical systems, strength is one of the most difficult things to forecast. direction, it still looks like it will be making it to beer rm.
10:18 am
it doesn't have to make a direct hit to have a devastating effect. >> we know it is on the way. thank you , buddy. we will continue to keep an eye on things this morning. i am going to turn our attention to a man who was working closely with dr. martin luther king. he may have been working for the government. we will tell you about him. it is 18 past the hour here on cnn saturday morning. everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. ♪ everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. can be unsettling. but what if there were a different story? of one financial company
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21 minutes past the hour. taking a look at some of the stories making headlines. ac ago republican senator lisa murkowski says she will run as a
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write-in candidate in november. she already lost last month's primary to joe miller, who was backed by the tea party. oil giant, bp, says it expects to finally cap that well in the gulf of mexico sometime today. the well started gushing back in april following a deadly fire on a rig more than 200 million gallons spilled. toyota has reached a settlement with two families after a krish that killed four family members. toyota did not admit liability in the settlement. an investigation revealed the accelerator became trapped on the floor map that had been incorrectly installed. wel well, was he a secret agent? earne earnest with they ares, a photographer, accused of spilling secrets to the fbi, about the inner workings of the movement. the photographer died in 2007 but his images live on.
10:23 am
he captured so many iconic pictures, many you have seen about segregation, a school integration, skrix. he was even in dr. king's hotel room after he was assassinated. the legacy may come with a footnote. some one said he was a super informant that spilled details about rallies and leaders and jotted down license plate numbers this. they identified him by his informant number, his daughter, roslyn, says, she is not buying it. >> we as a family, none of us have ever heard anything like that. i don't believe it. i think this whole thing is based on one thing, which is a number and do we know that number was assigned to him? where is the proof of that? is that number only assigned to an individual or is it assigned to a project?
10:24 am
there are so many speculations. >> a lot of speculations. family not buying it. let me bring in mark paraskia, the reporter who broke this story there in memphis. thanks for being here. let's pick up on the sound bite we heard from the family member. what makes you so sure? are you sure you got the right guy and are you sure he was up to what you say he was up to? >> t.j., we have the right guy. mr. withers was, after he had been an informant, years later, had gone to work for the state tennessee and got caught up in a public corruption probe. it is through that investigation and the release of these documents of that public corruption probe that we were able to verify he was a confidential informant working for the fbi back in the 1960s. there was a background report done in that investigation and
10:25 am
it says very clearly that earnest columbus withers was designated as informant me-38 r. we were able to go back and look at documents that were released in the freedom of information act related to the 1968 sanitation strike in memphis as well as a two-year probe that the fbi did of the investigators and were able to track that number and find specific things he was doing for the fbi. >> you are basing on matching it up with his name according to the number. what was this number, if you will, doing for the fbi? >> he was doing a number of things. the first match that we actually got was from dr. king's funeral down in atlanta, which we know that earnest withers was there covering. we have his photos.
10:26 am
he shot pictures of coretta and the final services. me-338r. he said, be on the lookout, a couple of dr. king's aides are coming back to memphis. this is wa a week after they had a disastrous march. dr. king had led a march a week before his death that turned into a riot. here their informant, me-338-r was telling them they are coming back. >> have you been able to find any living person to corroborate the story that you are matching up with the documents? >> well, yes. i initially had a source. i didn't just stumble upon this. i went looking for this, because i had a source that told me that earnest withers had worked as an
10:27 am
informant for the fbi. he provided tips. he was a good informant. he was well-connected in the community. he knew everyone. earne earnest withers got around during the civil rights period. everything that this source told me came to light and were corroborated. >> a lot of people saw this is a betrayal, one of them being ambassador andy young. i want to let our viewers listen to how he reacted to this news. >> you have to understand that our movement was designed to be totally transparent. he was our voice to the world. >> if he was that much of a truss trusted friend, how come you wouldn't expect him to say to you, andy, i'm going to keep doing this but i'm working for the fbi. why wouldn't you expect him to
10:28 am
be straight with you and dr. king? >> it wasn't that important to you. >> how could it not be important snow. >> i don't know why it needed to be. we knew we were trying to change america. we knew our instructions from our lawyers were for us to inform the fbi and the justice department of everything we did before we did it. we had no secrets. >> as you see there, marc, the point he was trying to make was we wanted this thirng to be as transparent as possible so we didn't mind a lot of people seemed to mind. a lot of people feel like this was a betrayal. what has the reaction been around town? >> the reaction has been all across the board, t.j., everything from denial, people feeling betrayed, people embracing it. it has created quite a stir, no doubt. mr. withers, as you might know, is a long-time memphis hero.
10:29 am
i think he remains that. what this will do to his legacy, u ultimately, i guess history will decide. >> marc, we appreciate you taking the time with us and sharing some of your reporting with the commercial appeal on this story. thank you so much for your time. i'll see you maybe when i'm back home there. you enjoit rey the rest of your weekend. the polls closed in afghanistan. voters faced threats of taliban violence but they voted anyway. we are live in afghanistan. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved
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extraordinary work. >> the cnn hero of the year is ephran pena florida. >> he has come a long way. >> we are the change that this world needs to be. 12 years, he and his team volunteers have pushed their mobile classrooms through the streets of their neighborhood teaching kids that never make it to school. after being named 2009 cnn hero of the year, ephran became a national hero. >> this is really overwhelming. >> reporter: upon his return, philippine president, gloria arroyo presented him with one of the country's highest honors. one year later, the classroom model has been replicated more than 50 times across the
10:33 am
philippines and inspired the construction of an education center funded in part by the cnn heroes grant. >> some see it as a symbol of poverty but now they see it as a symbol of hope and education. >> reporter: recently, he has had his story told in six countries and languages and can be seen weekly in his own search for heroes on philippine television. a young man from the slums has turned the attention of a nation to a common dream. >> my fellow filipinos, thank you. so who is it going to be the cnn hero of the year for 2010? you tell us. you decide. next thursday, we will be announcing this year's top ten heroes on that will be at 1:00 p.m. that's when you can vote online for the cnn hero that inspires you most. we will be right back.
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eye a political cam believe. lisa murkowski says she will use a write-in campaign to try to keep her job. she lost the republican primary to joe miller. sarah palin endorsed miller and she says that murkowski's move is a futile effort. the people of alaska fired murkowski. she is calling on alaskans that didn't vote in the primary to turn out for her next month. >> i will be the first one to admit to you that in the primary campaign, we made some mistakes. we talked about ourselves. we talked about me a lot but we
10:36 am
didn't educate alaskans about the extremist views that were held by mr. miller. when he swung, i didn't swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off and i am fighting for alaska. >> we'll go to round two. write-in campaigns never work for the most part. only one senator ever won that way. that was strom thurmond back in 1954 in south carolina. another name. are we going to see it on the bath ballot or not? she headlined the gop's biggest fund-raiser in des moines. she revved up the republican base in the reagan center. she said, we can't wait until 2012 to get the country back on track. she didn't say anything about her chance to run for president. she has helped little-known candidates win like christine
10:37 am
o'donnell. >> it's a time for unity now. the time for choosing is near. in just 46 days, republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line and they will let the voters decide. it is time to unite. if the goal, really, is to take away the gavel from pelosi and reid and to stop the pelosi agenda and obama and let the government respect the wisdom of the people, it is time to unite. >> for the latest political news, speaking of elections, there is one in afghanistan. the polls have closed in the parliamentary elections. voters had to deal with what many considered a corrupt process as well as scattered attacks from insurgents.
10:38 am
our atia abawi live for us in afghanistan. did the taliban make good on their promise to disrupt things on this day? >> reporter: t.j., this he definitely did disrupt it in certain parts of the country sporadic spouts of violence and intimidation. it should be noted it was less than it was last year in the 2009 presidential election. we are here in the city in western afghanistan, in herat, considered one of the safest provinces. the people did make it out to the polls. many here telling me that they don't want anyone to stop them from picking their own government and picking the future of their country. t.j.? >> what was the turnout like there as well in the country? if there was a lower turnout, can we attribute that to people being scared to go to the polls
10:39 am
or is there just not as much interest, quite frankly. people don't feel like their vote is going to mean as much this time around. >> reporter: that's a very interesting point you made. it is expected that today's turnout will be far less than what we saw last year, which was far less than what we saw in 2005 and 2005 was far less than we saw in 2004. it is partly to do with violence but it has a lot to do with corruption and fraud. the legacy of the afghan elections unfortunately is fraud and corruption. many afghans saying, why should i risk my life to head to the polls if my vote won't count anyway. i am telling you right now, they have placed more checks into the game whether it comes n it come elections. when they are counting ballots, there are hundreds of afghan observers making sure that the election workers aren't stuffing the ballots but even president
10:40 am
hamid karzai said there will be irregularities during the vote and in the ballot-counting process. at the same time, it shouldn't stop asking us from choosing their own government. what we are waiting to see is how long this ballot-counting will take, when we will hear who the victors were, which might not happen until the end of october. even when that happens, out of 2,005 candidates, there will only be a small number of winners. many experts believe we won't see any parliament in place until possibly the end of december. >> atia abawi on the story for us. ate atia, always good to have you. we are going to turn to a story that struck a cord in our "newsroom." a tragedy under the friday night
10:41 am
lights. small town of west orange texas in a state of shock right now after the star quarterback of their high school football team died during last night's game. witnesses say that young man you are seeing, reggie garrett, collapsed shortly after throwing his second touchdown pass of the night. he was quickly rushed to the hospital. hundreds of fans, teammates, friends, gathered there as doctors tried but could not save him. >> the paramedics did everything possible in the field. we worked with him for well over an hour and we did everything possible, including our physician getting on the line to a local cardiologist to see if there was anything else we could do but we simply couldn't get a heart beat back. >> what was that hospital like and was it full of people at the time? >> his family was all there, of course and it was very devastating. lots of crying but then shortly
10:42 am
after the game ended, the parking lot completely filled with people. the waiting room was full. the parking lot was full. there was cheerleaders, band members, all the coaches were there. it was just entire football stadium came to the hospital to check on him. we were trying our best to give them good news and comfort them but it was impossible. >> you hear miss courtney there. you hear it in her voice. her voice was quivering. she was holding bakhtiars the entire time. she went on to tell us that garrett was a senior, a straight "a" student at the high school and was being courted by a number of colleges to play football. 42 past the hour. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you?
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quarter to the top of the hour here now. it is karen, igor, and karl. where should we start in karl is kind of phasing out? >> it really has. >> we can cross him out. >> we are pretty much over
10:46 am
there. >> julia, little, baby storm, a fish storm. >> igor is the problem today? >> igor is the big problem. we have reynolds wolf in bermuda and the waves are churning up there. it looks like they could see anywhere between 4 and 8 inches of rainfall. i am headed to the magic wall to show you what's going on. this is a huge hurricane. as you can see, we have some of the outer bands extending all the way up to bermuda right now. right around the center of this system, out to about 100 miles, we have tropical -- hurricane force winds extending out 350 miles from the center, we have tropical storm force winds. right now, still at a category 2, we have our latest update from the nation many hurricane center. that was about 8:00 this morning. what's going to happen is, we will probably see it on the increase over the next 12 hours. weather conditions deteriorating across bermuda as we speak. bermuda looks like a direct hit.
10:47 am
we heard reynolds wolf mention 2003. that was fabian. they produced a category 3 hurricane, a direct hit. just about every 2 1/2 years, they see either get side swiped or direct hit by hurricane. this one could wobble a little bit. this is a small target. we think when it makes landfall, perhaps sunday night, going into monday morning, it may still be barely at a category 3 or it may be at a category 2. either way, we are looking at a tremendous force whipping across this island nation and we are looking at the possibility, as i mentioned, of quite a bit of heavy surf and very heavy rainfall that we're expecting. that's a look at your tropical weather for now. t.j., back to you. >> we do appreciate having you this morning. thank you so much. we want to take a look at some of the stories making headlines as well. the well at the heart of the largest oil spill in u.s. history should be completely filled today. we are getting that word from
10:48 am
bp. cement now being pumped in the bottom of the well to make sure it is sealed once and for all. this should be the last step. this thing should be dead sometime today. pope b pope benedict, expressing deep sorrow for the scandal that has rocked the catholic church. he led a mass at westminster cathedral and held a prayer vigil at hyde park. jus celebrate yom kippur, a time for soul searching, repentance and reflection. >> a video of the holiday. jewish tradition bans the use of electricity on yom kippur. the tax cuts president george w. bush put in place are about to expire. we will explain how that may or may not affect that wallet of yours. 48 past the hour. ocid most calcium supplemts...
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as we get close to the top of the hour, the big battle on capitol hill is over tax cuts. lawmakers are planning to extend the cuts from the george bush
10:52 am
era but they are at odds as to whether to continue those tax cuts for the wealthiest of americans. josh levs looking at the arguments. >> it is one of the biggest political battles facing the president. it is a time that the battle in washington does affect your wallet. the president wants to keep the tax cuts on the first $250,000 of income and drop the bush era tax cuts on income above that. let's start off with our friendly neighborhood "avatar" couple. here is what we got. if their income is right in the middle at $57,000, a little above that. if their taxes are just over $3,0 $3,4 hundred, if the current tax cut expires, they would be paying a couple thousand dollars more. they are in the income range where everyone is saying, keep those tax cuts. let's make the same couple's
10:53 am
income $396,000, when we plugged in these numbers, their taxes are at $102,000 right now, if president obama's plan were to be enacted, they would pay $6,000 more. that is factoring in a permanent patch to the amt. finally, what is a big buzz word we keep hearing throughout this debate, millionaires, that millionaires shouldn't get away withholding on to money. so let's take our couple and make them millionaires. why not? $1.75 million. we are giving them an income just over $1,750,000 for a year. if their taxes are currently $573,000. they would be paying a lot more, $645,000. that's where you get into the debate. to leave that in private hands
10:54 am
for spending or investment or collect it for the government and do something about the debt and deficit or pay for programs that are currently being put into place. that tension is where this comes into play. if you want to know how all of this will pan out for you, head over to the tax calculator. i linked it for you at joshlefs cnn. i am josh levs, cnn, atlanta. a teen girl, she has found a way to help her family with costly medical bills. we have a story for you here about sacrifice, self-lessness and somebody we just thought you should know this morning. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions,
10:55 am
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10:58 am
every saturday and sunday morning, we would like to introduce you to someone we think you should know about. one is ella long worth, from missouri, far more thoughtful and ma suture than her age migh suggest. >> reporter: running a yard sale might seem like a big responsibility for a 13-year-old but not this kid. >> a lot of people say i have grown up really fast for my age. >> reporter: ella longworth has lived a life as the ears and
10:59 am
voice for her parents, both of whom have been hearing impaired since birth. this yard sale is her attempt to help with financial issues from her family. she needs school supplies for her brothers. >> she was like, what's been going on, you hardly had any pencils with you. >> you have to ask your neighbors. i'm sorry. i have just been having trouble with money and everything. >> reporter: the family came to imperial in search of a better life. >> our neighborhood was horrible. my parents got beat up in the middle of the street. >> reporter: arriving here in imperial brought new problems, t termite and wiring damage he can't afford to fix. >> reporter: finding
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